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PO Box 2101
South Hamilton, MA 01982

Help us bring groomed cross-country skiing to the Hamilton area.

The North Shore Nordic Association, a 501C3 tax exempt non-profit charitable organization formed by local residents with the goal of acquiring and operating ski grooming equipment on some of our local trails. The NSNA will work with local land stewards to groom a classical and skate ski lane on several existing trails including Patton Park, portions of the Discover Hamilton Trail, Appleton Farms and Grassrides, Bradley Palmer State Park and hopefully Sagamore Hill.


The NSNA is seeking funding from multiple sources to acquire an 84” Groomer and a special utility snowmobile to tow the groomer. Additionally we seek to acquire a trailer, operating insurance, fuel, signage, trail maps and signs. Please consider making a donation in any amount on our website All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. WE need to raise a total of approximately $25,000 to get the operation up and running for the winter of 2015-2016. Subsequent years will only require funds to operate and maintain our equipment and pay for fuel and insurance. The NSNA will be an entirely volunteer run operation and we are seeking anyone interested in helping out in any way.


Once we are operational all ski trail use will be free of charge and supported by donations. NSNA will issue donor cards, as a token of appreciation to those making a donation of at least $100.


NSNA is also seeking to partner with corporate sponsors to fund a portion of our capital campaign.



Trail & Grooming Updates

Friday - Grooming Update

Carol Catalano

Check out our new trailer - we're ready for snow, whenever it comes next!

Check out our new trailer - we're ready for snow, whenever it comes next!

With this week’s rain and warm temps, our trails are nothing but grass. A volatile March is predicted, and we’re hoping the cold temperatures will bring more snow. 

Even without snow, we’re continuing our work to make our trails the best they can be. We’re currently working on creating signage and a map system to help with navigation. If you know of a programmer or anyone with Strava experience, who would willing to volunteer to help us create an interactive map, please let us know.

Progress is also happening on the capital equipment front. As you may have seen, we were able to purchase the third and final piece of the equipment we needed this year - the aluminum trailer. So we’ll be ready to groom when we do get snow! We’re thankful for everyone’s support and will be sending donation letters to you soon with a full update. 

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences on the trails. We’re collecting photos of your trail experiences to share on Facebook. If you have a photo you’d be willing to share with the community, please email it to us at